PSA For people with dem iphones

Basically if you decide to get your phone repaired at an independent store and is battery related and it still says ‘Service Battery’ after a repair it’s something apple programmed in. Don’t let them kill the independent repair market

Apple really are pricks, aren’t they.


“Dem phones dem phones dem I phones”


If you’re paying a grand for a phone you may as well keep it in warranty

“ooh look at me I’m so rich that I can afford a phone that doesn’t have a headphone jack for some stupid idiot reason”



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They are bastardised and I hate that I am locked in now

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I upgraded my Pixel 2 to a Pixel 3a the other week, and was delighted to see they’ve added a headphone jack back in!

They just work, though.

Will never buy a phone without a headphone jack, currently iPhone will by my last

I wouldn’t be surprised at Samsung doing the same thing TBH

i’ll fight them on the beaches


Reckon I will be hoping for an iPhone SE2 for the rest of my life

how often do people “upgrade” their phones?

It’s a technology I’m just not interested in at all so I just can’t get my head around why anyone would want to change their phone.

Maybe some people just don’t have a computer

Its a force of habit. Your contract is up, you get offered a new phone and a new contract and you go ‘eh fuck it, might as well’ which is what I’m going to do in 2 months.

oh yeah I forgot people have contracts!

I’ve been on pay as you go since I was 17

I find by the end of a 2 year contract I will inevitably smashed the screen and the battery life will have severely deteriorated so a new phone looks appealing (I’m sure apple programme in stuff to make it worse over time too, like the camera becomes rubbish).

I’m off the treadmill now though, I’m only buying refurbished ones of older models (didn’t realised refurbished normally means brand new but been opened)


Yeah my mindset is 'I’d rather pay the extra £25 - £30 a month and have a new phone under warranty than risk my phone dying and needing to buy a new one. Especially as my phone now has a cracked screen and the battery is starting to die.


I paid £20 for my phone and top up like a fiver twice a year just so they don’t cancel my number :slight_smile:

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