PSA For people with dem iphones

As @ttf says, a lot of phones will be close to unsuable by the end of 2 years. I think part of it is simply that faster phones means all the apps get more complex and run slower on your phone, but also those components simply warp and degrade with all the heat generated by the work they are doing 24/7.

So, yeah 2-3 years is about normal I reckon. It’s not really great but that’s how it is. I’m pretty lucky that my OnePlus 3 has been going for 3 years now and so far has given me no reason to upgrade.

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I might start hoarding refurbished iPhone SE’s like I have my favourite brand of discontinued colour changing lightbulbs

I remember a few years into mobile phones becoming the norm seeing news stories about how after years of growth the industry was in trouble because everyone had a phone now, guess they solved that problem with smartphones, such a shame though those old phones were built to last

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If Demi Moore married Phones from Stingray she might change her name to Demi Phones

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I don’t have an iPhone, but I do have bluetooth headphones and they’re the best.

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yeah but can you make a call on it




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Honestly one of my major reasons for caring about the environment is that I want to live in a world that’s in a healthy enough state that I can make these kind of jokes without my hypothetical grandchildren going “YEAH WELL NOW WE HAVE TO EAT THOSE BOOKS BECAUSE ELECTRICITY DOESN’T EXIST AND THE WORLD IS A DESERT-HELLSCAPE”.

That’d really ruin the punchline


Peoples’ perceived necessity to have a new phone every 2 years is one of the greatest marketing ploys of the 21st century. Removing a headphone jack and getting people to pay £200 for specific earphone is either pushing your luck or brilliant depending on your point of view.

Can’t really imagine what the whole cycle is doing to the environment either. When a turtle has to make a call on a washed up Nokia 3310, what are his friends going to think?

Also, fuck Apple.


Don’t think it is just a perceived necessity, they’re just not built to last, reckon three years is the best you can get from a smart phone. That’s obviously a bad state of affairs but don’t think it is just a marketing thing, there is a big part of the market that will always want the newest but I’m sure a lot of people who would stick with their old phone if they could, I’d still use my first iPhone if it worked

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After 2 years they just work.


Yeah and @bluto I think the parts genuinely don’t last that long. It’s a factor of heat and all kinds of stuff. You certainly COULD manufacture them to last a lot longer but the price involved wouldn’t make them viable in terms of uptake. And this isn’t really an Apple thing - Samsung tech is the same in terms of longevity in my experience. My Fairphone, manufactured to be as ethical as possible was still basically terrible to use after 2 years and frustrating me.

TBH the old Nokia phones could last but a lot of our perception that the 3310 is unkillable is because there are still some left working, but compared to how many died and failed it’s not a huge number IMO: buttons broke and batteries weren’t nearly as good back then (note that the same phone now which they make for festivals has a 7 day battery) and, yeah, some just burned out.

Phones, data centres etc are projected to be a very significant contributor to carbon emissions in the coming decades, I can’t see in-built redundancy in phones helping that:

The whole battery issue is my problem with battery powered cars. I know that people are finally looking at repurposing them for storage, but that’s a separate issue to the environmental damage (and human rights abuses) associated with the mining of rare minerals. At the end of the day, things need to be better made to last longer and we have to be prepared to pay more upfront if ultimately we want to consume less (which we need to).

The problem is that most people need access to that technology to be able to live full lives now. So many things have an assumption of you owning a mobile phone, e.g. lack of data on a printed sheet because you are expected to go onto a website, etc. That means you can’t suddenly start making the price point so high.

My wife deplores the lack of a headphone port much much more than she expected to

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Remember around 2001, when WAP was just arriving in some phones and was utterly pointless that a mate showed me in T3 or some similar tech mag that this company was offering solid gold phones for really rich arseholes. It was some kind of ultra-angled design that just had the normal array of 15 buttons and they claimed that they would constantly update your software so that you just had that one ludicrous 1980s-idea-of-chic phone.

Anyway, obviously it looked fucking ridiculous then but if anyone bought one it must have seemed even more fucked shortly after.

One of my friends had a phone she kept for ages because it had an original SIM card in it

yeah the credit card sized one. She was fucked as she couldn’t put it into any other phones and was waiting out her contract with this piece of shit. :cry: :smiley:

I’ve had my iPhone for almost 5 years and - other than replacing the screen a couple of times and the battery once I think? Maybe twice? - it still works fine.

Don’t know what youse are on about with them not lasting.

It’s like with anything - look after it and it’ll crack on for years. It is the case that technology and operating systems move on and that your phone becomes obsolete and you are left with no choice but to upgrade. Also it can deteriorate through use but depends how much you use it really. Phones needing replacing after 2 years is mostly a myth that the industry’s created. (Had my iPhone 6 for 4 years now, reckon I can get another 2 out of it if I look after it).