PSA: For the FAO of Manchester Metropolitan elite


oh wo

Just saw this on Twitter as well. Would be fucking ace to have a rummage through that.

was hoping this would be about a manc meat but this is p cool too I guess

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Nice. Four Tet did a similar thing in London a few years ago, good eggs

This used to be a really cool Oxfam where you could get loads of bargains. The staff were almost all pensioners. I got the impression stuff came in, they stuck a price on it dependent on condition mainly and it was a proper treasure trove of tat.

They had a refit about three years ago, all the older staff seemed to dissppear and it’s ran a lot more like a proper bookshop and everything’s a lot more expensive. Still seems quite busy, so as long as they’re raising more money that’s what’s most important, but idk, at the same time it seems a bit of a shame.

Meant to be a good lad, Mr Scruff.

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Dan Snaith drops stuff off at the Oxfam on Kingsland Road quite regularly too.

Yeah you’ve got no chance getting a bargain in there but it’s always worth a look. Course this happens when I’m away for the week, love a mooch round the cho-town chazzers

we need to sort one of those

to Grand Central it is!

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