PSA: My Bruise Blog is back from the dead

I used to have a bruise blog because I got bruised so fucking much. And I’ve just made the first post on there since late 2012. It’s literally just pictures of my various bruises over the years. Some people find this fun to look at, it would seem.

PS: The woman in that avatar type thing is NOT me.

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You sure get bruised a lot.

Used to, at least. We’ll see how long I manage to keep it up this time around.

Cant believe you posted your bum on the internet

I know :scream:

Also posted some massive bite marks, don’t know what is worse really

well that’s weird


It had a pretty big following back in the day actually. Even before I posted that pic of my bum.


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I don’t know what to do for a bruise emoju but there’s definitely, definitely more bruising than :peach: on there you perverts



My bruised big toe nail came off on Sunday night. Does this count?

Oh, oh, plus I had a massive unexplained abdominal bruise about a month ago. Thought I might die. Turns out I lived.

Send pix :wink:

This reminds me a lot of hanging out with skaters.They’d always be covered with bruises.

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Trust me, if I had one of the bruise I’d send it.

It’s on my bricked phone I think.

That’s a shame. WR’s Bruise Blog Inc. is always interested in submissions and guest stars!

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