PSA: Ranking of supermarket jars of Jalapenos

I’m always on the look out for these and often they are miserable and mushy. Please feel free to rank jars of jalapenos to help myself and others out.

So far:

  1. Sainsbury’s - a little too sweet but retain the crunch 8/10
  2. Co-op - better and more natural flavour than Sainsbury’s but the crucial crunch factor is hit and miss 7/10
  3. Lidl - Big jar but disappointingly mushy 5/10
  4. Old El Paso - Bad flavour, too expensive, miserable mushy consistency. Only get these if it’s a life or death situation - 2/10

I get these from Tezarinos. In a number of years I think I’ve had one batch that have had an unpleasant bitterness to them, otherwise I always enjoy them.


Tezarinos is this a London only thing?


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No they have two big ones in Reading, as well as a whole bunch of Express ones. there’s a multi-storey one in prague!

Oh, yeah never heard of that then :smiley:

oh well we don’t have any in East Northamptonshire :frowning:

oh Tesco!

Damn you done got me there!

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Are we talking whole jalapenos or slices? I’ve never really considered how crunchy the slices are TBH. This is a valuable thread.

Can you get just like raw juicy Jalapenos in supermarkets like you can with standard peppers? I look in town but can never find any. Bet they’re amazing

I’ve also got a jar of these on the go I got from an American supermarket. At first I was all, YUCK! why they got to swim these in sugar, but these days, as an addict, I have to say they’re very delicious.


Pretty unbelievable how bad the old El Paso ones are.

Definitely a candidate for worst product made by brand leader, can’t think of anything else that disappoints anywhere near as much


I’m not really a huge fan of jalapenos tbh. Would never buy a jar.

Coming in here ready to have OPINIONS but turns out Bam has already had them. Carry on.


Can’t comment on the supermarkets as I’m not in the uk but just want to say that red jalapeños are way better than green ones imo. Thanks for reading.

100% agree. It’s the worst entertainment product ever made.


Never even seen them. I hope to eat at least one before I die!

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They’re great Bam, I think you’ll love em.


yeah, I think you’re right

Never had better jalapenos than the ones you get in Cineworld