PSA: The Courtesy Flush

Starting this very specific, but quite gross thread because it’s driving me nuts at the moment.

As regular readers will know, I work somewhere that has 1 (one) solitary toilet cubicle between 30 odd men. Due to the overuse, I open the door to the airtight box with fear whenever I go to use it.

Now, I know we’ve had toilet threads before, but this is a simple thing that I hope everyone here does, but I wanted to make sure and think this should be part of the curriculum.

Once the “majority” of your poo has come out, flush the chain. Sure, you might need to hover a bit for a few seconds to avoid splashback, but if you do this, then while you’re spending the next 30 minutes there on your mobile phone, rather than creating a hotbox, you will leave the cubicle smelling just fine. It’s not much to ask, and it makes the world a better place.

Do you courtesy flush?

  • Yes
  • No, but I should

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No chance.

What if someone’s waiting outside and hears the flush,

“he’ll be out in a minute i’ll wait”

5 minutes later another flush

“Clever ma0sm disguising his wanking with multiple flushes”


This is a legitimate concern, and has stopped me doing this once for that exact reason.

However I believe that if we can make The Courtesy Flush the international standard, then this will no longer be a problem.

Those at the vanguard need to be brave, need to challenge the status quo. If someone is outside, do not be afraid to flush and continue.

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Actually, wait a minute, why do you keep flushing if you’re having a wank on the bog?

To make people think i’m courtesy flushing a stinky poo obviously

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And the panting, groaning and wet slapping sounds?

That’s when I’m legit having a shit


I don’t but then I very rarely need to hang around once the main deed is done, once I’ve dropped the kids off as it were I’m pretty much out of there. Surprising really as my diet’s pretty shocking.

Really couldn’t care if my shits stink up the place, and I’m willing to accept horrendous shit smells from others too, if it’s in a place where one could reasonably expect shit smells to manifest.
In summary, shit and let shit.