Go and make yourself some toast.

On you go.


I only have bread that I don’t like unfortunately

It’s always better toasted

Can I shock you?

Also, I posted this at the exact time you suggested

Not this bread unfortunately

You don’t eat toast any more?

God bless you Mr Ding Dong

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Never really have. Don’t have a toaster.

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Grills are better anyway imho

It’s very difficult to make anything even approaching toast in terms of pure enjoyment


No bread in

It’s been covered before, but the window of acceptable toast closes astonishingly quickly under the grill. Take your eyes off it for one second to check a message or something and when you glance back your kitchen is on fire.

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All right, Des’ree

Just had some but thanks

The only good toast is basic white bread toast and I don’t have any of that