This weekend my boss went on a four day organised trip to the Netherlands, where he stayed in a retreat with a group of strangers, did things like sharing circles and trust exercises, then took a massive hit of psilocybin truffles and, from the sounds of it, tripped absolute fucking balls. He says it was the one of the best, most profound experiences of his life. Honestly, he seems like a new man.

I’m quite jealous.


There’s a bit in the new Simon Amstell thing like this.

Hello officer


Oh yeah, he talks a lot about drugs in it, doesn’t he?

Wish I wasn’t so uptight.

Let’s see how long his ‘new man’ bit lasts for #cynic

You can take them orally, you know.

Doesn’t work.

the last one I watched he talked about going to do ayahuasca with a shaman

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That’s the one, but there was also a bit about mushrooms making everything seem absurd and so helping with anxiety, and post-MDMA poos.

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They’re super strong and have sort of an ecstacy effect as well as the trippy part (also less unnerving or intense than acid) so yeah I think that’d be a reasonable review.
Honestly think most people with anxiety or PTSD should consider them.


Microdosing obviously, otherwise nobody would get anything done


I went on a date with someone recently who is well into this stuff - she did what sounded like the same thing Simon Amstell did. Sounded absolutely terrifying TBH

I’m absolutely intrigued but also terrified of it. What if I told everyone all the things I don’t even want to admit to myself? What if I find the real me and it’s as bad as I fear?

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Exactly - plus there were stages in the process which are actively unpleasant and that doesn’t sound nice

you’re not into throwing up and shitting yourself?

Funnily enough no

it’s like you’re trying to hold on to y’our negative energies!


That’s beer

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Can’t believe Magic Mushrooms are still class A drugs in this country. Few things exemplify how fucked our priorities are in drug policing than the the fact the law views shrooms as being on the same level as crystal meth.


“accidently” how on earth did you manage that ?!

You will feel incredibly cleansed the morning after taking mushrooms. There’s nothing quite like it.

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