Pub contactless audit / other cashless chat

On Today this morning (GF still refusing to switch), there was something about copper coins and going cashless. I was only half listening, but at one point the guest they were interviewing said she’d been to Manchester recently and couldn’t pay for a pint with contactless.

It seemed really patronising and typical of that kind of London-thinking; the rest of the country are still living in caves and pissing in the street. I don’t go to Manchester much at all, but find it hard to believe this is true. Especially as I can’t think of a pub in Nottingham where you can’t pay by card.

Can you buy a pint with card in Manchester?
How cashless are you?
Do you care if we get rid of copper coins?

Everywhere should take card and everywhere should be contactless. Cash is pointless, get rid of it.


How are you going to tip? What are you going to put in the charity bucket?

you are about to get owned tone.


Add a tip via the machine (after establishing that this actually goes to the staff)

Set up a wee direct debit to the charity bucket



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I have bought a pint in Manchester with a cashless card.


So fuck you LME.

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Thanks - I knew you would’ve thought this through.

Would be great if we could get rid of cash.

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I went for a pint in London a few weeks ago and was roundly mocked as a mouth breathing yokel on the way there for wanting to find a cash machine. The pub turned out to be cash only! Southampton Arms, Kentish Town, FYI.


Sandbar in Manchester


would quite happily never touch money again. get rid of cash.


I’ve gone full LME and use Apple Pay for most things. My card was contactless but has stopped working so have to use chip and pin.

Had to go to the bank to get £20 worth of pound coins on Monday and I felt like a fucking caveman. Absolute bullshit.

and if it doesn’t?

Urgh yeah I love that pub but that irks me (there’s hardly any cash points that close by either!) - Cock Tavern in Hackney have finally started taking cards now.


Get their bank details and transfer them 12% via mobile banking


write them a cheque

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Lamb & Flag has no card machine in Oxford - always like everyone asking if they can pay by card and the barperson getting more and more apoplectic

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What are you going to give to a homeless person when you have no cash?


A white chocolate magnum and a pack of quavers was the last request I got when asking if I could a homeless guy anything