Pub contactless audit / other cashless chat

I guess busses in London going cashless was the first time I was properly aware of the issues around it - largely that there are still a number of people in society who don’t have all their money just readily available in bank accounts. and I don’t mean people who don’t ‘trust banks’.

I saw this issue come up again recently when The Beer Shop in Nunhead announced they were going cashless. They said <20% of their transactions were in cash. Someone went in on them on Twitter about it (mostly in a ‘big banks are evil!’ way though) - in that instance I guess they ‘know’ that the people they are alienating are not necessarily their customer base anyway, but the point still stands that if all businesses were to go this way it would be a huge issue.

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don’t use contactless. Don’t trust it yet. pop my PIN number number number in

Great choice

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sandbar’s a stupid pub for twats tho innit.

ive paid for pints contactless, even in hillbilly pubs north of the m60. we were at some shit pub in swinton the other week with gf’s dad and he offered to get the round coz he had cash and i was going to pay contactless, blew his mind when it only took a second instead of way longer.

we shouldnt get rid of cash tho coz of loads of reasons, mainly it adversely affecting poorer people the most. feel like theres talk of getting rid of coppers and £50 notes every few years, not sure why its getting more traction than usual this time

pretty much everywhere in Manchester accepts contactless for pints

only place I’ve experienced that doesn’t is a sports bar called Brotherhood

contactless doesnt work on my card anyway

oh dear, oh dear!

I noticed the Horniman Museum at the weekend had a scanner set up where you scanned your card to donate a quid at a time. Seemed like a good idea.


Oooft! Half a percent off as a transaction fee?

Is it supposed to be 12.5%?

Planning for dealing with this problem was very high up the priority list when the buses went cashless.

Accidentally used my Welsh address not my London one trying to buy something and ever since then the fucking prick is declined unless I do it the old fashioned way, irks me incredibly

Give it a couple of years and we’ll be back to bartering anyway.


I heard the Today piece too, and my initial reaction was “here’s another twunt who can’t tell the difference between their own daily experiences and those of everybody else”.

I mean it’s not even generally true in London, never mind Manchester. The idea that paying by card in pubs is the norm is utter bollocks.

Really depends on who you are and what you’re buying. Family meal with a few wines, or even just a couple having a night out would probably end up paying together (card), rather than say a man in the corner reading a book nursing his John Smiths who’d probably pay in thruppeny bits

YSC! It’s one of the greatest ‘pubs’ in Manchester, you twerp.

my dad will go to the cashpoint before any meal so he can pay in cash. i have no fucking idea why, just force of habit i guess.

stupid pub for twats


but how does he know how much it’ll be? or does he just get out like fucking rent levels

The Globe in Glossop doesn’t take cards, I know that much. Not really in Manchester though.

Yeah absolutely. It just gets my goat when someone who clearly only ever drinks in wine bars in Canary Wharf suddenly declares that they wouldn’t know what to do with a penny if someone gave them one.