Pub-like Folk


Hey guys!

Been listening to Matt Elliott’s Drinking Songs album for a little while now;

I love the melodramatic and calm feel to it. The artwork literally represents how I feel when I listen to the album; in an old tavern drinking , alone.

Do you have any other album, artists to recommend that could sound or feel like this? I’m a newbie when it comes to folk, and this sub genre really confuses me. I know there is a certain amount of electronics to it, but that’s not the element I’m looking for.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Is that the guy from Third Eye Blind?




Reminds me of Black Heart Procession a bit. Prob doesn’t tick the electronics box though.


Third Eye Foundation, surely?




V familiar with Matt Elliott’s TEF stuff, but haven’t tried his ‘folk’ album. If you’re looking for folk with a touch of electronica, try Fink - Biscuits for Breakfast (and some of his later ones too).


Blimey! I knew he’d done one album with singing on but I thought that was just a one-off experiment. Turns out there’s a whole stack of them.


Thanks. It wasn’t exactly the style I was looking for, but it’s a really great find!

Million thanks.