Pub lunches at work


Do you ever go for a pub lunch during work and have a couple of pints?

Seems quite a common thing but I couldn’t do it myself. Done it a couple of times and you just lose all energy to go back to work


Fuck no


Yeah you can say goodbye to the rest of the day.


It would at least give me an excuse!!!111!!


Just had a pint with my lunch.


Used to happen A LOT in the construction sector.

Very, very rare that it does now.

When I worked in the rail industry it was a sackable offence, and everyone, from top to bottom frowned upon it. Which is a huge turnaround.


no, because I wouldn’t bother returning.


Cant do day drunk, just get sleepy and grumpy (yes, moreso than usual)


I used to do it most days in my old job - a combination of severe CBA and depression. Used to help the afternoons along, pace wise, but productivity was less than nil.

Can’t do it here, absolute zero tolerance on alcohol. Would be instant dismissal…


I’ve done it once, I had one pint of cider and the rest of the day was a disaster. It’s happened a lot when the bf and I have gone for fancy meals which we tend to do at lunch time because they’re cheaper, one glass of wine and I’m awaaaaaywooooo!!!


I run a pub. This is pretty much my life :sweat_smile:


About once a month my work spouse and I go for a nice big lunch and we normally have one pint but even that means the rest of the day is a write off.


I worked in one pub where the landlord ordered about 4 or so barrels of Brains lager under the pretense of selling it at the bar. During my two months there, we never sold a single pint of it because he was still deciding on ‘how much we should sell it for’, but would regularly sink about 8 pints of the stuff over the course of a day shift.

Yes, he was Welsh.


Sounds like my boss! One for you, half for me…

Must put away ten pints a day.


Alone? Yes. Actually with my colleagues? God no.


Used to do it when I worked at a Lloyds TSB Call Centre doing a 2.30 - 10.30pm shift almost weekly. Sometimes we’d go overboard and slam a few shots in there as well, once during new years eve we actually snuck pint glasses into the office under our coats.

How I lasted as long as I did I haven’t a clue.

We’d also have a 15min break around 8pm so that’d be another pint if we had a particularly heavy one during lunch.


i start work at 4 and sometimes consider getting a pint beforehand but haven’t yet. don’t think one would affect me too much, might even feel a bit more relaxed when i have to talk to people on the phone. could also make my productivity even worse than usual though.


he doesn’t sleep in the back of the car in the car park instead of going home too, does he?


Guy who used to run my old local (fairly old Irish guy) used to drink halves of Guinness all day - steady flow from 11am for 12 hours. His wife ran the kitchen, and every time she came out he’d have to hide the glass in amongst the spirits, or behind the RNIB charity box.


Aha not to my knowledge, as he lives on site :joy: