Pub on your own

Going to the pub on my own after work to watch the football. Is that weird?

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Not at all

Do it myself quite a bit. Sometimes prefer it to going with people

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Taking a lunchtime trip to a pub on a day off, book in hand, is one of life’s sweetest pleasures


A massive session on your own - probably a bit weird
A quiet pint or two with a book or the paper - one of the very best things in the whole world


Absolutely not, sometimes I enjoy it more on my own watching a game with a pint.

Good. I should add I did invite a couple of people, but they were busy.

Billy no mates will endure this football and bloody enjoy it.

Personally wouldn’t spend more than an hour in a pub on my own but the I don’t like sport. Watching something is totally a fine thing to do, yes

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Secondary question.

I’ll be there for 2 hours. Can I legitimately just buy one pint? Seems rude, but I’m driving.

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Buy a soft drink after. Or two shandies.

buy two halves

That’s literally what he just said poindexter.

Might do this. It’s a nice place so I can try to interesting ones.

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Pal of mine wanted to watch the match so did a solo pub visit, got a Fanta as he’s off the sauce atm, that was pretty cool

daytime: fine
early evening: fine if it’s quiet
late at night: not for me really


I agree with all of this, but does it mean if it fills up I have to leave?

Seems mean.

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Yeah it can get massively depressing p quickly
Shame though as it’s a joy for the first hour or two, and it’s only human to want that extended