Pub pets...

Know any boozers with live-in animals?

There’s a local pub the MME will all know called the Marble (now the Beer House). They used to have a pub cat. Its’ party trick was waiting for a customer to come in, order a pint and open a newspaper on the table, then lying on it and going to sleep.

Mynah birds used to be a big thing in Manchester pubs, til, I guess, the late 70s.No idea why. Would be interested in any info on this.

More animals in pubs, IMHO.

Roof dog at The Windmill in Brixton


(there’s also two roof dogs at the Bent Brook in Urmston)

Lenny was magnificent, RIP mate x

I remember going to a market somewhere in the 80s, St Helens probably, to see their mynah bird. I guess the pub was the home of all entertainment so makes sense they’d have them in there, like the fish men on a Friday. (Where we went on holiday had a bar parrot) Also, I remember well how pet shops were a big day out even in the early 90s, before the internet people were much more avid pet stalkers.

He died :frowning:

He slobbered on me once, from a great height <3


Bagel the cat at New River

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I didnt know this :cry:

I was walking past a pub the other day which I’ve never been in, and as I was approaching the corner, I could hear talking from inside and was thinking, surely they’re not open, that’s not allowed, how outrageous.

Turned the corner and found the landlord had opened the fire escape so their parrot could enjoy the sunshine.


Very strong “unfortunate end to that preview text”/“save it for Thursday” energy with this.


Pub I worked in had a Rottweiler called Cato who was so lovely. Was a bit of a nightmare when he decided he wanted to be behind the bar when it was really busy.

Although we once had a falling out to do with him embarrassing me when I walked him, but otherwise a solidly good hound

there simply was no better


Local near me has a giant dog called Arthur that mostly lies in the doorway at the entrance and dgaf


The Lion in Hinxton used to have a parrot. Would swear and swoop across the room.

There used to be a couple of dogs in the Ickleton Lion, one was called Bella, I can’t remember the other one’s name. One of them gave G a nip when they were 2 or 3. A previous owner there decided to keep a fuck off massive Rottweiler for some unknown reason (other than bragging to customers who refused glasses for their bottled beers that he let the dog piss on the bottles every day)

Had loads of fish behind the bar at my old pub. Plus another pub I worked in used to have a salamander behind the bar (before my time). The Griffin in Bath used to have a parrot. The good(ish) pub in my village has this lad


Went to a country pub near Oxford years ago which had an enormous Great Dane which had been certified by the Guinness Book of Records as the second largest dog in Britain or something. It was extremely lovely, but it was slightly disconcerting when sat down to find it’s head level with your own.


Should be more pub pigs. Behind the beer garden, they could drink the drip trays at the end of the night.
Why is this not a thing?

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Roof dog