Pub quiz photo round

Gosh it’s quiet in here today, is everyone doing work or something?

Anyone want to have a go at the picture round from last night’s pub quiz?

is it just ‘name these people’ ?

Sam Smith, Garth Brooks, Moby

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Macy Gray?


You can make it something else if you want?

is 2 Liberty X?

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lol, is 18 Rammstein?!

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That was one of the ones we didn’t get.

8 is Milli Vanilli I think

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10 is yer man @grievoustim

Genuinely embarrassed to get that

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16: Savage Garden???

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Didn’t get this one, or 4 or 14

We put Lost Prophets, lol.

I’d guess at… Pitbull for 4?

Nope, although not far off.

4 is really familiar

I was part of a pub quiz team a few years ago. Our best fuck up on the picture round was identifying someone as Guy Ritchie.

The correct answer was Yuri Gagarin

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Is 4 daddy Yankee?