Pub quiz!

A friend who runs a pub has just messaged me. The quiz master is ill. So can I host the pub quiz tomorrow? OK, can do. Just need questions. Various levels of easy to hard and various subjects please.

What nationality was Guy Fawkes?

He was English, obviously, I’m just curious to see if literally anyone else on the planet thought he was Belgian


throw in a difficult one with an incorrect answer for the lols.


I like that one.

What’s the connection between Daisy Duke and Little Suzy?

The sheriff in the Dukes of Hazzard TV show was a cousin of the Everly Brothers.

Is that too difficult?

a little


I’m about 20 years too young to understand this question and I’m not even a young person, so depends on your audience.

Know your audience (age, interests etc), and decide on categories/rounds. It makes things a lot easier.

In what film does Jack Woltz come face to face with the head of Khartoum?

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Dukes of Hazzard?


What document was John Hancock the first to put his John Hancock on?


Could do a round about porn stars and see which groups value saving face over scoring points. Pick out which names are actual (popular) porn stars and which ones aren’t, or something.


Declaration of Independence ?


Aye. IIRC he was the only one who signed it on the fourth too.

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Went to Boston a few years back and remember this fact in a museum or the like.

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I was hoping you guys would be more help. I’m disappointed. I shall have to do some actual work this morning and write my own questions, I guess.

I gave you a brilliant question! Don’t lump me in with these schmucks.

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Sorry, yeah. Everyone but two of you! :wink:

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Come on, we need a bit of help first