Pub quiz!

Middle class Islington, age group late 20s through to mid 40s on average.

Which David Bowie song was rejected by Mott The Hoople in favour of ‘All The Young Dudes’?

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Picture Round: Name that legume.

Have 10 pictures of different legumes, could be chick pea, haricot bean, cannellini bean etc. Point for each correctly named.


Who’s the only person to have had a UK number one with a 5-piece, a 4-piece, a trio, a duet and as a solo artist?

Mel C

Where in the human body will you find a muscle that is only attached at one end?

In the mouth, it’s your tongue

Cyclophobia is the fear of what?



I used to write pub quizes. One of my favourute rounds to do was cribbed from university challenge. 10 qs, 10 decades of 20th century, each q has three events and corresponds to the one of the decades. All decades are used up by the end.

I always used to do

Who has more children, Mick Jagger or the Spice Girls?

No wonder that pub shut down


What’s the only letter of the alphabet that isn’t in any element symbol (official or unofficial) in the periodic table?


Paul MacCartney has

Has he?

Definitely number ones?

5 - Get Back (Beatles & Billy Preston)
4 - Beatles (lots)
3 - Wings: Mull Of Kintyre
2 - Ebony & Ivory
1 - Pipes Of Peace

I didn’t think Wings were a three piece

Paul, Linda and Denny were the core three, sure, but they always had a drummer (and a second guitarist IIRC)

(I got this question from a pub quiz that’s the source of most of my shitty trivia knowledge so if it’s wrong, I’m going to question everything)

Praying there won’t be any children in the pub for you :crossed_fingers:


Really wish I could find the quiz poem I wrote when I used to run quizzes.

They had a couple of periods as a three-piece. Band On The Run was recorded when they were just a trio, for example.

Mull Of Kintyre was also recorded and released during one of those periods (although with the addition of a pipe band).


Only three of them were ever included in photographs of the band but they did have additional musicians on the recordings and on stage. So I’m going to keep Mel C as the correct answer and if anyone disputes me I’ll tell them why.

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Not allowed after 8pm. Thanks for your concern.

What time does the quiz start?


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