Pub Recommendation Thread #3425 (Guildford-centric)

Any of you guys know of an decent ale pubs in the centre of Guildford? Pretty Ronseal, but I’m clueless and have a few hours to kill after work and before a leaving do.

Cheers in advance

Drummond is good. Short walk from the town centre (under ten minutes from the station).

Thought this would be the thread for me but can’t help you with real ale. Drummond is a good pub though, so will second that

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Drummond is nice. The Keystone and George Abbot are a bit closer to town and quite nice too.

Always a bit disappointed with pubs in Guildford. It’s crying out for a dedicated real ale/craft beer place.

Was hoping for something like that (obviously). Will give the Drummond a go, 3/3 isn’t bad

Britania might be another option. If you want to experience the sheer horror of Guildford go to the Kings head by the castle

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Get the brownie with hazelnut ice cream

another vote for the Drummond. Not amazing, but alright for Guildford.

Try the Robin Hood if you’re after something a little less identikit Mitchel and Butlers.

sheer horror of Guildford has to be the Wooden Bridge, surely?

Back in the day used to end up smashed in the Five and Lime. Is that still open?

Don’t think I’ve ever had the pleasure. Actually I think pews is worse than the Kings head, went there a few weeks ago and it was full of muscle bound bad tattooed alpha male types whose idea of a good night out was to spend the evening shouting at each other

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yep and same with me. I think its the only place I’ve been refused entry to because the small group I was with didn’t include any girls.

actually, yeah, Pews is the worst in Guildford centre. I guess the Wooden Bridge is a little further out so doesn’t qualify.

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