Pub recommendations central London

Meeting with friends tomorrow afternoon. Looking for a central pub recommendation where they do food, decent beer, and likely to get a table. Any recommendations would be great. Thanks!

Probably want to go down the west end

I hear the Oxo Tower has a nice oh fuck it I can’t be bothered.


Queens Head on Acton St


I’ve been to Chandos and it was nice I think

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This is a Sam Smith pub. You have been warned.


Quite like Jackalope at the moment. In the west end but far enough away from Oxford Street not to get too rammed.

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Closed on Saturday and Sunday

The river thames

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Nah, too many pub blokes there

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Looks good. Thanks

Craft Holborn is the correct answer

Edit: oh, food. They have a lovely selection of nuts.

You look good :wink:

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