Public Holiday Proposal

OK, hear me out.

Currently the bank holidays look like this:

Now while April / May are pretty fucking amazing, it does mean that there are big chunks of the year which are just fucked, and by the end of May you start to think “Maybe the 4 day week is a good lifestyle after all”, only to have it pulled away from under you.

But maybe it’s just me who thinks this, and you lot think this is a good thing. Well?

  • I like the current bank holiday schedule
  • I think the bank holiday schedule needs to change

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I’m not suggesting that we get more or less, I’m happy to stick with 8 for the sake of argument, but if we do have 8, here is my proposal:

Date Day Occasion
01-Jan Friday New Year’s Day
10-Feb Friday Carnival
23-Mar Monday Day of the Sea (Bolivia)
03-May Monday Constitution Day (Poland)
22-Jun Monday Anti-Fascist Struggle Day (Croatia)
30-Aug Monday Constitution Day (Kazakhstan)
03-Nov Monday Flag Day (United Arab Emirates)
27-Dec Monday Christmas Day (substitute day)

This way, they’re spread out through the year, and we celebrate things that aren’t just linked to religious celebrations, such as Carnival, the festival of getting wrecked up in fancy dress.


  • Great idea
  • Good idea
  • Neutral idea
  • Bad idea
  • Terrible idea

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Anyone who didn’t say “Great Idea”, please show your workings in the replies.

I just think we should have more.



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Always blows my mind that Corbyn offering loads of extra bank holidays didn’t win him the election tbh.


Do we have enough public holidays?

  • Yes, just the right amount
  • No, we should have a few more.
  • No, most of the year should be public holidays.
  • No, we should have a few less.
  • No public holidays at all, just add more leave to your default allocation.
  • No public holidays at all, I love working.

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England has the lowest number of Bank Holidays in Europe or it used to. There should be significantly more

If you know someone with a birthday, you should be able to take that day off.


Know in what way? :smirk:

Add an extra two - leave Christmas, New Year and easter as is, plus last Friday in May, June, September, October and November. Bosh.

Proper don’t give a butts about Bank Holidays as I’ve never had a job that observed them. Just a weird disruption to my schedule that generally means I’ve got to do more than I normally would. Keep enjoying them though, it’s nice you all get to have fun.

The real answer to this whole thing is UBI and fuck having to work so much


I have to say, there is a certain satisfaction in a four (4) day weekend that my proposal does leave you gagging for.

Should we keep at least one four-day weekend?

  • Yes, more than one
  • Yes, just one
  • No, spread it all out

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Easter would scratch that itch, that’s still in place

Not in my proposal, the closest you have is Carnival / Day of the Sea (Bolivia)

Banks don’t even have passports

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Happy with your proposal other than the holidays in Feb and Nov. The weather is so shit n Scotland at that time of year that no sane person would chose holiday then. Move the feb one to April and the Nov one to Oct and I’m on board

Ah right, you need to get that sorted

  • Spread the holidays evenly through the year
  • More during the summer months, when you want to be outside

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Oh ma0sm, I DO!!! :blush: :blush: :blush:


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Also why are you caring about British bank holidays?

Look, I knew if I started this thread with something that directly applied to me, then people would be like “lol weed and windmills”, but the core principle is the same. We can make this international.