Public Holiday Proposal

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I thought you might’ve snuck back into the country or something

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I have only just noticed that it’s a public holiday in the UK today.

I was wondering why this didn’t have 467 replies.

Summers off. 2 day week the rest of the year. free BBQs


Winter holidays can be great! Snuggling in front of an open fire (a real one, not YouTube!) in a log cabin.

Shyguy for Prime Minister.

Thought maybe this thread was gonna be about asking someone to marry you on the August bank holiday weekend at Reading Festival

When @Gnometorious said

Was your first thought

Does she mean a real one or a YouTube video of one?

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  • Yes, of course
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Retail/catering staff etc should get paid bank holidays too.


Thinkbwe should get 2+ bank Holidays per week, imo matched across all industries.

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Sort of thing where if a Tory did that the right wing press would hail it as brilliant and a demonstration of how much those Etonians are men of the people.

I think we should have a four-day week every week (for us office wankers, sorry retail and other)

The worst thing about Bank (and the emphasis on “Bank”) Holidays is how, if your earnings are structured that way, they delay getting paid. Good Friday/Easter Monday’s double whammy the absolute worst.

This just made me google when Easter 2020 is. Turns out we’ve already had it. :sob:

I think there should be more of them and I think they should be more themed.

first monday of Feb, and then one other

that’s as a minimum

and more annual leave

and four day weeks as standard

extra pay for any hours worked outside Monday - Thursday 7am - 7pm

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Like this one


More bank holidays
We need:

A Tim Canterbury Day
A Canterbury Tales Day
A Chaucer Day
A Shakespeare Day