Public Safety Adverts (Just eaten pinkish sausages-centric)


Someone at work made lunch for everyone. I didn’t want to be rude. It seemed like I was the only person who noticed. RIP h_y_g?

Is anyone else paranoid about this kind of thing thanks to public health adverts from their youth? I think of this advert every time I cook sausages :frowning:




Oh, title changes eh?

Because I was going to ask about how you ate A LOAD of them?


Would you like to eat my pink sausage?


Reading the comments on the video, it seems like the message is actually “When Will I See You Again?” refers to throwing up the sausages.

But I always thought it meant you’d die and see your dead relatives again (not sure how I came up with this).


They were sliced up. Had a few pieces. Threw one away.


Do you remember that one they used to have about not playing on farms, where a boy drowned in liquid slurry?


it’s fine. I’ll pick off and eat bits of raw meat as i’m cooking it all the time and I haven’t died yet.

think people are far too precious about this stuff.


“Just trim off that chicken sinew… lovely. Hmm. Wouldn’t want it to go to waste now…”


No but when I worked at a newspaper my colleague had to cover a story when a guy drowned in slurry. Possibly the worst way to go imaginable.


yeah, I guess not with chicken. will do it with red meat though.


I have NEVER played with fire


those sausages look well burnt

you’ll be fine. im a bit of a freak about food, always burn it pretty much to make sure its cooked


I remember this! We were given a booklet to go along with it. Freaked my nut out.


How pink are we talking?


you seen any of those recent australian worksafe videos?

fair warning: they are pretty brutal


A gentle rosy blush. Not pink enough for me to flag it up, but enough to make me pause.


Ah I think you’ll be fine. They’ve probably heated enough to kill the stuff inside them.

As an aside - I’ve never really trusted burgers that are served medium. Steak - fine; burgers - no thanks


The fucking hyena one:


Oh my god what was that other Aussie one? Was it even a public safety ad? Does anyone know what I’m on about?