Public Toilets

Enough is enough, we need more and they need to be free to use.


why can’t the government just admit they got it wrong?


true, the free public ones are always a joy to use


I went to Milan two years and four days ago. I only stayed one night and my hotel was at the airport I was flying out of in the morning so only went there very late at night. As such I had to have a shit in a castle or something.

My gf has a special key that lets her use more public toilets than the rest of us plebs. I’m so jealous.

Well, except for the whole chronic illness thing that entitles her to the key. That’s less good.

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Got some in town that play classical music. I imagine its to keep people from doing naughty things in there, but I doubt it does.

I went for a piss on a Virgin train recently, the toilet spoke in a comedic way about not flushing baby wipes. I hated it.


A talking toilet?

Yeah, who would have thought it!


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Oh those things are appalling. “Please don’t flush your ex’s favourite sweater, lol!”. Shove it up your bollocks, Branson.


Your hopes, your dreams, your goldfish

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I fully agree.

^ @AQOS you can have this one


I think you could probably win a local election on just this issue.


I like this idea. Was it 99% Invisible who ran an entire episode questioning why, of all public spaces, public toilets are kept quiet?

Bass-heavy ambient techno should be played at full volume in all toilets.

EDIT: Rather fittingly, I just realised GAS would be perfect for this.

The ones I use the most:

Godstone (next to the carpark)
Ide Hill (next to the community shop)
Shoreham (sometimes these are bloody locked in the mornings!!!)

It is quite weird going for a pee and listening to a few notes of Four Seasons or whatever

Nah, build more but charge £1 to use. Guaranteed a less hellish experience and worth it.

The great tragedy of my life is that, outside of traveling, I almost never need to use a public toilet and yet I live in constant fear or urgently needing to.

It’s no way to live, niki.