Public Transport Blues (rolling)

Currently stuck in Ede-Wageningen with what feels like half of Holland as a couple of trains have been cancelled. They are giving away all the baked produce from the Kiosk to keep people happy though. I had something that was in pastry, it didn’t have a label on it, we may never know what it was. My feet are cold even though I’m inside the waiting booth thing as I’m next to the window.

Please use this thread to rant about public transport whenever you are having a problem with it.

Should have waited in Arnhem when I discovered there were cancellations. At least I could have gone to an actual cafe there.

Wish there was an intensive Dutch course on train announcements.

worst thing about public transport:

  • The public
  • The transport

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Usually the public, but everyone is being pretty chill about it here at the moment tbh tbf. It’s refreshing.

Went to Carcassonne for a long weekend; flight back to Edinburgh yesterday was due to take off at 10:30am , but due to terrible weather actually took off at 3pm from Perpignan, which was a 90 minute coach trip down the coast. As a result I missed my train back to London, and had to fall on the mercy of the British train system to get an affordable last minute fare back. So I’m still in Edinburgh, working from home today and (most of) tomorrow.

Ede-Wageningen Is a cracking place name, mind.

The bus networks in my city (and probably everywhere) are just very confusing - so many providers, so many numbers, so many different ticket types. Also don’t really get why they have specific times for buses when they’re guaranteed to appear at any time before or after that time but never at the time stated. Might as well just say ‘approx every xx mins’ and leave it at that. I’ll leave my problems with drivers aside as they have a tough job and some are nice lads, but fuck me some of them are unusual characters.