Public transport etiquette

So yesterday I was on a busy bus with some shopping and as the bus slowly emptied stop by stop I couldn’t be bothered to move, despite there being empty seats and there being someone next to me. I got to thinking about what is the right etiquette for this:

  • Move to an empty set of 2 seats and risk the person next to you thinking you have a problem with sitting next to them
  • Stay sitting because it’s a hassle to move and risk annoying the person next to you who might want space

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Let the public transport etiquette chat flow (I have some other points but I’ll save them for now)

Were you on the inside or the outside of the 2 seats here?

Outside, with 2 shopping bags between my legs and a backpack on my lap (so I was doing that thing where you basically sit on the edge of the seat so as not to inconvenience/touch the person next to you)

sucks air through teeth

Big question innit. I would’ve probably moved just because I’d’ve got proper angsty about the other person being like ‘fucks sake, the bus is empty, this guy’s weird’. Completely understand that’s just my stupid brain though.

the 50/50 split of votes so far is showing that this is clearly the quandary of a generation

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There’s a missing option for moving because you have a problem sitting next to the person and not really caring if they know it because why would you?

I try not to think any less of somebody that moves when I’m sat next to them but there’s always that nagging doubt that’s like ‘I smell’.

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shit I’ve just realised I didn’t make the poll public. sorry guys.

I guess so, but in that specific instance the course of action is clear

I always have a weird urge to follow and sit back next to them if the person I am sitting next moves to two empty seats. Never done it but just want to see what they would do.

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Another (bus specific) one (bit different for trains where there’s loads of carriages):

Do you ever, if you do not meet the listed ‘requirements’ (for want of a better word), sit in ‘Priority Seating’ on busses?

  • Yes, I am happy to sit there, all the while trying to discern if other people need the seat more than me
  • No, there’s plenty of other seats, and if there isn’t I can just stand for a bit rather than risk any awkwardness

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a very busy bus

like it was the most bus of all the busses. plato’s bus.

would that not be… bussy?

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aye, probably. just found it amusing.

could ask resident words expert @TheBarbieMovie2023 for the final verdict?

If I was on the outside and had lots of bags I’d prob move but more for mine our comfort rather then if the person would think I was weird for moving/not moving.

If on inside and not too many bags I’d stay. Onus on the outside person to move if they want more space.

I always sit on the end seat of the row even if the window seat is free as I like the legroom afforded by the aisle. if you want to sit in the free seat, simply ask for me to move aside.

The bussiest bus.

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Sit in the middle and manspread across both.

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Don’t really think about it anymore, almost always shoot upstairs and if they’re all full I just loiter somewhere near the door. Never sit downstairs for some reason.


Also when I’m standing on a bus it just feels like a massive skateboard.