Publications you're sure that DiSers are subscribers of

autotrader: balonz, marckee
dazed and confused: ruffers, penoid
maplin annual catalogue: theo
cycling weekly: pnikki


Geoff/asita: The Spectator

@anon5266188 - Match

only magazine i ever subscribed to was arthur, paid for a year subscription but only got one issue as it went out of business shortly after

rouleur? carbon forks concern?

Not these days mate!

none of them

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Beano: bugduv


can’t believe there’s a cycling weekly

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Migrated to Shoot! ?


White Dwarf: secretly about half of them

Nuts: all the men

kerrang: xylo

the fashion bods

Hello: @marckee

moker: fortean times

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I reckon @anon29812515 or @zxcvbnm or maybe @chris-budget has a subscription they got free from their Tesco vouchers. I’m gonna say Good Food magazine.

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gets it sent to a PO box so The Man doesn’t find out where the bunker is

@Epimer begrudgingly has one about home furnishings forced on him