Pubs closing down

and then being demolished or turned into houses etc

Absolutely hate it whenever it happens. Terrified of there being no more pubs, just a Wetherspoons in the centre.


People go on about this all the time, and I don’t doubt that it’s happening, but I’ve never really seen it go on. Where I live now, it’s a crime ridden shithole, but honestly you can’t move for pubs. Two on my road, at least 6 that I know of within a 5 minute walk. If a few of them could shut down it’d be grand really, sick of being woken up by drinks yelling and/sirens all the time.


Interesting, feels to me like a lot are closing

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they are

Used to live in the north west, now live in the south east :frowning: I have a fetish for the corpses of public houses

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Kinda misread the graph nvm

Pubs! Is it too early to go to the pub?


See you there!

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Mines a jägerbomb

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saw a couple guys drinking tallboys at 630 on my way to the train station I thought they were bloody silly

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That’s a great idea, I’m parenting today and our kids love a pub, or as they call them, “boozers”


I don’t know if they’ve changed the way they calculate the numbers, but I remember some similar horror stories ten years ago, and they were including pubs which had changed their designation to restaurant, so they hadn’t actually closed, just focussed more on food.

I did a project about eight years ago taking photos of all the pubs in Brighton, because when I first moved there people used to say there was a pub for every year and I wanted to find out if it was true (It wasn’t - when I did it there was 315 in the Brighton & Hove Borders). I’ve been keeping tabs since, and even in a vibrant town like Brighton over fifty have closed since then.

I think a lot of it goes unnoticed because it’s the quiet back street pubs that disappear, or the ones that are run down that nobody goes into any more. It’s a sign of the times - beer prices are higher, students don’t have so much money, more people drink at home. There’ll always be pubs, just not as many I reckon, and I doubt it’ll ever get to the state where there’s just one megapub in each town either - a lot of people like the intimacy of a smaller pub.

There are too many pubs. Walk through any town and see the number that are completely deserted except for two people sitting at the bar, gives an indication of why they might be closing down. Not enough customers = go out of business. If there was more demand for pubs they’d all still be open, people have better things to do than drink themselves to death.


If I’m solo parenting, Jimbo will often ask to go to the pub, because he knows that I’ll probably say yes, and it’ll mean that he gets to sit an look at the ipad and have an apple juice which is pretty sweet when you’re only four.


There are pubs near me that never appear to have anybody in yet have stayed open for decades. Put it down to the pensioner domino-player pound

Yeah let’s celebrate people losing their jobs and livelihoods, and potentially losing businesses they’ve spent years working on.

Great idea! :tada: :confetti_ball:


A pub near me closed about two months ago and last week it was announced it was going to become flats. It wasn’t a good pub tbh but I still always felt a pang of sadness when I walked past and it was empty. The article mentioned that there were a dozen pubs within half a mile of it which I didn’t believe but after counting it up I actually think it’s more. Guess it depends where you live but here there are loads of pubs and there are always people in the good ones.

I’m fairly sure that one of my locals is being run as a loss as part of some dodgy tax loophole. I’ve overheard some conversations which suggested that, and it’s empty most of the time - I popped in on Christmas eve and there was just the bar staff and one old bloke at the bar.

It’s a great pub for it though - it feels like pubs were when I first started drinking (without the cigarette smoke)