Pubs in Leeds


I’m off to Leeds next week to see Waxahatchee and i’ve got the day to waste in Leeds so i was just wondering if any of you lovely people had any suggestions on any decent pubs i could waste away the day?


Nothing to add but




Belgrave Music Hall - food options, good music, nice roof terrace and near other decent bars (Mean-eyed Cat, Mojo, Verve, think there’s a new Mexican place next door too)

Also the Adelphi - cosy pub with good food and often empty when everywhere else is packed (might be biased as it’s my local)


Friends of Ham
Bundobust (the best food)
Northern Monk Refectory
Waterboat Lane
Whitlock’s Alehouse
North bar
The Social


Good list, I’d add Headrow house, the reliance and the brunswick to that.

Or just go to the brude all day before the gig, they’ve got a great beer selection now and it’s miles cheaper than anywhere else