Pudsey the Dog



Let’s all remember our favourite memories. I liked it when he did the tricks and that




Nice try! Only the worlds most famous English dancing dog double act!


Pudsey is a bear


Thought it was a beat. Sad, but been in hospital for ages with that eye injury, so no real surprise.


Oh, like you can only have one Clive, or one Darren in the world, move over stupid!


Kind of weird to think that Mr Biffo wrote the terrible film.


I don’t make the rules!


Dog’s dance?


dead excited about going walkies


My mum and Dad recently met Pudsey at a dog thing.
My dad said he was on his way out and the girl had already bought a replacement Pudsey who looked just like Pudsey and was training him up.


Not this one anymore, but yeah, he danced like an angel…or a bit like you would imagine a dog would move when forced onto 2 legs and under duress


That is fucking SICK!


I guess if he danced like an angel he’ll be well prepared for his future endeavours


Yeah a beat. Like Ginsberg


Brexit wanker


She’s made a million off it!


Bet she has a vat chamber full of the fuckers


The Prestige 2