Puke Day: Have you ever been thrown up on?


My girlfriend and I were getting the tram home from town last night and the fuckawful knobhead-magnet that is Nottingham’s Goose Fair is in town. It’s two stops before ours on the tram. At the stop for the fair, a couple of drunken men staggered on. As we were getting off two stops later, one of them threw up all over my girlfriends back, barged past us and continued to throw up in someone’s garden. Seconds later, his mate came barreling over and joined him in vomming into the same garden.

Share your vom receiving stories here.


Yes. While receiving a sex act.

I learned that that is not my fetish.


As long as you learned something, it was a valuable experience.


Easy for you to say. You weren’t the one who had to rinse someone else’s vomit out of your pubes.


hahahaha :slight_smile:


^this. :frowning:


I was in the pub once I saw this wrecked guy, he beckoned his friend towards him, closer and closer, and then threw up on him. Can’t be sure if it was deliberate but it sure looked like it.


thinly veiled “just big enough to cause gag reflex” post.


Maybe I’ve got a micropenis and simply farted in her mouth, SMART GUY.


Does splashback count?

Some of you may remember ex-DiSer Stealthy. He threw up on a bus once (okay, it was three times, on two different buses) when I was sat next to him and it splashed back off the floor and up my leg.


Only by a cat.


Oh yeah, my niece threw up on me the other week.




my tv has a chronic condition which sometimes causes her blood pressure suddenly, causing to pass out. last time this happened she was lying on her back on the sofa, threw up while she was out and then started choking/drowning on it. had to get her into the recovery position, make sure her airway was clear and try to stop her from totally freaking out when she came to. fucking terrifying.

we both got fairly covered in it. if i had to rate the whole experience out of 5 i’d struggle to give it more than a 3.


Bought my mate a shot on a night out and he instantly vommed all down my back. He had just started seeing a girl who spent most of the rest of the evening washing my top and drying it under the hand dryer in the ladies. They’re now married and have 2 kids and I told this story at their wedding in my Best Man’s speech.

It was an emotional day, even the cake was in tiers.

Last joke you heard or read

Keep typing, almost there.


aye, ma newphews have puked up on me a few times