Pulling a sickie - a poll thread with chat fully encouraged

(A sickie by definition, is calling in sick when nothing is wrong with you)

When did you last pull a sickie?

  • In the last month
  • In the last 3 months
  • In the last 6 months
  • In the last year
  • Longer than the last year
  • I have never pulled a sickie (Tory option)

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How very dare you. I have never once “pulled a sickie”, as you call it, in this job. My work ethic is impeccable and I resent the mere implication to the contrary.

Might work from home for no reason tomorrow, though, I’ll see how I feel in the morning.


Used to pull sickies about twice a month at the job I had before last, and no one batted an eyelid. Got a few promotions and everything

Used to relatively frequently in previous jobs. These days I can’t remember the last time I actually pulled a sickie. The guilt is very bad, and also my job’s alright. And I seem to need to take actual sick days (even if it’s just a lil cold) more often than I used to when I first started working, plus the trigger for getting a talking to from yr boss is well low here, so yeah.

WAIT I have called in sick cos of hangovers a few times here

Have you ever pulled a sickie whilst still out from the night before

  • Yes
  • No

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Me and @anon5266188, the well-known Tories.

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L-R: you, Ant.



Nothing beats the slurred email at 11:30pm sent from a pub toilet laying the groundwork for a sincere ‘I’ve got a terrible migraine’ email in the morning.

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Do you have a colleague who is well known for always calling in sick

  • Yes but I think its for legit reasons
  • Yes and its always bullshit
  • No

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In terms of ‘feeble excuse’, in the last year (semi regular occurrence but got a bit spooked off doing this by getting genuinely ill more than usual in the same job)

In terms of ‘very feeble excuse’, last 18 months (worked 9 til 3, half hour wait for train, 2 hours to north London, half hour to wolf down some food, 3 hours of shorthand, 2 hours back but then my train got stuck 2 minutes away from my home station and it took an hour to get into the station… woke up the next day feeling shattered but didn’t think tiredness was an adequate excuse so I played up the teeny tiny cold i had)

In terms of ‘no excuse, I was just very sad and had stayed up til 2am watching The Lion King’, 4 years ago.

Ways in which you can call in sick in your place of work

  • Phone
  • Text
  • E-mail
  • Other (like wot m9?)

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Phone ONLY which is utter bollocks.


would do it much more if i wasn’t actually sick so often
absolutely fine with people doing it as much as they want

Ant looks like olegrich there, a bit.

(he’ll kill me for saying that)

Not only do I not feign illness to avoid work I can only think of three times I’ve ever been off work as a result of legitimate illness or injury.

Just realised I haven’t had a day off sick this year. Might cash it in for summerslam

I went to see No Age with a mate I hadn’t seen in ages a while back. Brilliant gig. Couple of tracks in and I decided “I’m going to get really pissed this evening and call in sick tomorrow”. Enhanced the evening x100 I reckon.

Let everyone know via Slack the next day. Don’t think anybody cared. I’m generally pretty reliable and old/experienced enough to know when it’s not going to stitch anyone up.

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Have never pulled a sickie whilst teaching as its way more hassle to organise supply work than it is to just go in when feeling ill.

Used to all the time at Morrisons though


Once rang in from a festival campsite while I was working for Amazon. Was absolutely pilled out of my mind and I’m sure whoever was on the other end could hear me grinding my teeth and gurning through the phone.


At an old job someone phoned in sick then half an hour later checked in at a golf course on Facebook, where he was friends with our team leader. Daft idiot