Pulp Reform (again)

The wickerman needs to be on that list for sure.

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It’s top 3 Pulp for sure, and on some days, I genuinely think it’s their greatest song. Certainly their most evocative and atmospheric song for sure

On that note, I never quite got why Sunrise garnered so much praise. Again, it’s great, and an interesting style for Pulp, but at the time it felt like a decent but flawed attempt at a sort of Spiritualized or post-rock-esque instrumental epic, and I still feel the same 20 years later…


Interesting take, personally think he’s a master for Seductive Barry alone

Wow, scanned past that - what on earth is that doing on the list? Second worst song on Different Class.

I’d switch Do you remember the first time? and Disco 2000 around and I’d probably try and shoehorn Bad cover version in somehow… otherwise a good list.

Yeah, Seductive Barry is amazing TBF

Ditto. Great set :slight_smile:

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You can already join a waiting room for tickets (at least for Sheffield via Ticketmaster) and it’ll automatically put you in the queue when it opens at 9am. Good luck team

The Bridlington Spa website has gone down. Oh.

Done via See Tickets. Ticketmaster still languishing in a queue.

Good luck all.

Got some from See, looks very sold out now other than London.

Warrington booked. Warrington Travelodge booked

Madness. Joined the waiting room about as early as possible and no standing tickets left, but got good seated tickets. there were 15,000 people in the queue when I joined on one laptop, then somehow managed to jump ahead when I joined on a second one

was gonna get Warrington tickets but now actually want to bring the kids because they like several of the artists playing on the Sunday. BUT, fucking full price £74 for them too. They will be 7 and 9 years old. It cost less for a week at Green Man for them. I am struggling to justify this now.

Tickets BOUGHT for Dublin.

This post paid for by PROF$.

yeah doesn’t seem family oriented so we skipped bringing the kids and will get drunk instead.

That was our original plan, It’s just really an opportunity for them to actually see several of their current faves (Self Esteem, Confidence Man) in one place, and we do stuff together. Like you say, because of that ticket pricing, and the under 5 no no, it does seem not very family oriented (but then the acts are??)

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Slept late, woke up in a daze and had forgotten all about this. Just managed to get one at 10:50 for Cardiff though after refreshing the ticket selection page a couple of hundred times.

Managed to grab two for Cardiff early on, on for me and one for the TV.

Dunno what I expected tbh but the £70 price tag has put me right off.

I know that’s almost certainly the going rate for a band of their stature but (a) it just probably shouldn’t be and (b) feel like it rankles even more with a band who traded off their working class stature so much.

Anyway - I’m sure they’ll be great and you’ll all have a great time and I’ll just have loads of FOMO.