Album release has been quite low key. Not read a great deal about it but despite the artwork being dreadful I have to say the album is awesome.

Pumarosa are on Jools tonight.

Think that Honey is one of the best releases from this year/late last year - the outdo is just amazeballs. Really not connected with any of the other lead-up singles. In fact I think there’s a case that early b-side Cecile is better than any of the 4 singles released in advance of this album bar Honey.

Will definitely give it a go when back from Primavera though :slight_smile:


Really liked their first few tracks. Saw them at the ICA. Didn’t even know the album was out :-/

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I’ve yet to hear the album. I saw them support Gwenno at The Globe Theatre last year by accident. Excellent live band.

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