Pumpkin Spice

I only know of this from references on the online internet. What does it actually taste like? Can you get it from places that aren’t Starbucks?

We actually already discussed this in the Coffe Penoid Thread

I don’t care

It doesn’t taste of pumpkins, that’s for sure!

It’s like cinnamon and nutmeg or something, idk. It’s fine.

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I’ve seen it on the menu in Not Starbucks


Is that a London thing?



Got a free pumpkin spice latte from Greggs yesterday with a code on their app

How was it? Smashing? Terrible?

Reckon it’s purely cinnamon

Me and the lads getting our first pumpkin spice latte in of the season


It wasn’t that good tbh

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It’s a mix of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and clove. That’s it. Would be a hell of a lot better with allspice instead of clove, frankly.

Would be a hell of a lot better if it was just Guinness.

Was gutted when I realised it didn’t actually taste like pumpkin. What a tragic waste

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I drank one once. Thought i was going to die from sugar poisoning. Nice though

[US recipe website recipe for a cake perhaps]

[five paragraphs about how they’re a little bit German or something]

the most important ingredient is 1/2 cup of Winter Christmas German Spice, which is called ‘cinnamon and nutmeg’ in the Old Country, I like to get my Winter Christmas German Spice at The Home Depot


I don’t usually like flavoured syrups in coffee but I like to have one pumpkin spice americano as a treat. Not from Starbucks, though.

I thought Home Depot was American for B&Q?