Pun squad assemble

An emergency bigger than stockpiling Marmite requires your attention.

Sean, some people here don’t even have facebook



(It’s a reference to “You”)

I’m a reasonable man, get off my face (book)

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What exactly are we punning here? You want a name for a radio show that’s a play on Radiohead?

Mixing my toasties

You and whose aardvark

Karma Podcast
Anyone Can Play Podcast
Knives Podcast
High And Podcast
Burn The Podcast
Kevin Is In Jailcast
Subterranean Homesick Podcast
Podcast Anthem

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Are the puns meant to be about marmite or what?

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Marmite / Radio Head / Podcast hybrid

Pod Is Dead
Punchcast Podsick Singalong
Pod Show Host
Podder Castier
Castd Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Pod


sticky onion radio podcast head

Homebase: The podcast (no drums)

sean’s show

Radio Show Host

Hail to the Beeves

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TV on the Radiohead

RadiOK Computer