Punk Rock Revival or Garage Rock Revival

What is the diferents?

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Ones punk rock and the others garage rock


Both arent a thing

I guess if they leave the garage or not

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The word ‘revival’ is incorrect in both cases because, despite reports to the contrary, neither of ever actually died.

*Car hole rock


Is this like how every rock band around from 02 onwards was referred to as post rock revival. Like even the national on their wiki are tagged as such. And the horrors.

CBA with genres. Rock is rock, loud or quiet.

When they first started the Horrors were totally “garage rock”. I remember seeing them before they really had any songs of their own, like that song they did which was My Brother The Man by We The People with different lyrics.

But the White Stripes weren’t garage rock. Neither were the Strokes. The Datsuns weren’t either. The Von Bondies were, at the beginning at least. Most actual garage bands didn’t get any attention at all from anyone in the media.

Whoops. Meant post punk revival actually. Anyway yeah, I mean I’m shit at telling what sub genre music falls into which is why I hate being asked what type of music a band I like are.

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Oh, yeah. Hot on the heels of the “garage rock revolution” (© NME) was the “post punk revival”. Which meant second rate - sorry, I mean third and fourth rate - versions of Joy Division, Gang of Four and Orange Juice mostly. I enjoyed some of them at the time, many of them. Live at least. I had no desire to own their records though.

I think its fair to call Interpol post-punk

I swear that the initial usage of the term Post Punk Revival was limited to like Interpol, Editors, and a handful of other much smaller acts, now it’s completely absorbed every Garage Rock Revival act that isn’t the White Stripes.

Although most of them aren’t “garage rock” at all, to be fair. They’re post punk influenced way more than garage rock. Ninety nine per cent of garage rock bands remained totally underground.

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The Differents is a good name for a band though

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True, shall we?

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