PUP The Band

Love me a bit of Pup, and Morbid Stuff is getting MUCHO plays from me lately. Discovered them through Jeff Rosenstock wearing their t-shirt when I interviewed him.

Anyone else here like PUP (the band)?

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They’re decent, yes

I’m listening to this album RIGHT NOW.
Really annoyed their London gig is mid week.

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Yes. Morbid stuff has been on heavy repeat. But I still prefer The Dream Is Over.

Gutted I didn’t get tickets for the London show, it sold out ridiculously quickly.

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I love PUP (the band). In the run up to the release of the second album, I was indifferent to them bar a couple of songs but then I saw them live and experienced some kind of Damascene conversion. I still enjoy them way more live than on record, but this might be the best thing they’ve done. It’s somehow aggressive without being ‘heavy’, catchy as fuck and just loads of fun.

As it stands there aren’t any individual songs I love as much as, say, Reservoir or DVP but as a record it’s probably their most consistent. Seeing them in a 250-cap room on Easter Sunday, that’s going to be A Very Nice Time indeed.

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saw them support The Movielife

was alright

I remember when they got announced for Reading 2014, and I was checking out all the new announcements and I got to them and saw their first album cover (it had been out a while in Canada but wasn’t out over here yet) and thought, hmmm, this probably isn’t for me. Oh how wrong I was. got straight on the vinyl pre-sale for something stupid like £9. made my album of the year that year and have loved them to one degree or another since*. I’m tempted to say the new one might be their best yet, even though it doesn’t seem quite as hooky as the first.

* either lots or lots and lots or so very much

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I discovered this band because one of the guys from Fang Island (my one true love) drew their first album cover. Consistently the best time live and The Dream Is Over has been my running soundtrack since it came out.

Very excited for Wednesday.

Aw man! Now I’ve remembered I’m not only not seeing PUP but I’m not seeing Daughters too.

I’m 42 years old. Should I really be enjoying this new PUP album as much as I am? It’s bloody great though!


PUP have announced some more dates for November.

I’ll be there too! Though I will be being filmed as Nigel America, so it might be a bit weird. Hard to explain.

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Wow, they have sms 2 factor authorisation set up for the presale links. Nice try, I guess

Nigel… America

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Quite like this. Sounds very similar to that Jeff Rosenstock record last year, but with higher energy

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Oh my God. PUP have always been a live band more than a record band but holy shit the Amsterdam show was something special. Felt almost like a religious experience. People singing every word to songs that they only heard for the first time 2 weeks ago.

Was also lovely to spend (far too little) time with @ma0sm. You should’ve been more involved in the pit :wink:


Yeah, I had no idea how intense a fanbase they had. I’m usually right in amongst it, got a bit of imposter syndrome only knowing one or two songs well when everyone else was clearly big into it though.

Bit of ego there. Would any website be significantly hurt by being on the bad side of Pup.


Oh shit , bunch of assholes. Sorry you had all that time wasted.