PUP The Band


Oh shit , bunch of assholes. Sorry you had all that time wasted.


That’s disappointing. Any wild theories why they’d want it pulled? Accidental swastika tattoo reveal or something?

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The band felt uncomfortable, purple monkey dishwasher


I’d try not to piss them off though, they’ve got contacts


ah you’d posted about this already. sorry again man, that is such a kicker.


Was planning to watch this on Friday (when we do the bulk of our music based watching)
Really sorry to hear this pal.
Hugs x


Really disappointed by this. Had also been planning to watch it later this week. That photo looks kike everything was good fun, too. I’m seeing them a couple of times later in the year. On the off chance I speak to them, which frankly is unlikely, but now the seed has been laid… would you prefer I don’t ask about it at all?

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is Nigel America allowed to contact the band though?


Drunk Friendly Gnomes got your back :kissing_heart:


Fuck man, what?!

That is truly utterly shit. Was getting really excited by the clips too. Will you have to remove them as well?

Maybe they know someone English who reckoned it was about a piss take or something? Fucked up though : (

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That’s fucked up, sorry it didn’t work out. Hope you manage to try with some artists who are a bit more chill about it cause that sounds great.


The next episode is already filmed and ready for editing and we already have approval for it too! :smiley:


Well hopefully that doesn’t change! Look forward to it! Possibly PUP will reconsider if they see some other episodes?

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So, having seen the full interview (am I allowed to admit that??) I have Some Thoughts.

Firstly, it absolutely sucks when you have an interview vetoed - I’ve been in that position before, when the front person of an up-and-coming British band with a lot of momentum went Full Bonkers Christian during an interview (that was explicitly ABOUT their faith) and their (very powerful) record label’s in-house PR immediately called my editor and nixed the interview. Was gutted because the quotes were fucking unreal, but they’d have done some real damage to this band’s image on the verge of them releasing what was expected to be their breakthrough album.

Secondly - the PUP interview is awkward as hell. It’s very hard to watch. @ma0sm, I’m assuming that was kind of your intention and I really admire what you were going for but I’m not entirely sure if it landed and to me, it’s clear that Stefan in particular is confused and slightly annoyed by the whole thing. The way he reacts to the meme bit - “You got the album title wrong in your Me-may, bullshit, next, NEXT”. It is not surprising to me that the band and/or their management watched that and decided they didn’t want it released. Stefan comes off as aggro and pissed off and the whole thing is just a bit… strange.


Very well considered response, and good to provide some counterbalance in all this.

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It was the last night of the tour and even though the show was amazing, I wonder if you suffered as a result of that (it being the end of the tour, i mean)

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@ma0sm i’d reallllllly consider getting rid of the stuff about this in this thread if you’re concerned about getting on the management’s bad side. saying this as a fond admirer of yours


Wise words, have acted on this thanks to the mods. Kind of you to care.

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Just wanted to make a brief statement about all this as I’m not proud of the way I’ve dealt with this whole thing.

I’ve been incredibly self-centred in my response and let my entitled frustrations get the better of me. The series of things that happened should never have come as a surprise due to the nature of the whole project. I hold no bad blood with the band or anyone involved, this whole thing was on us to make it work, and we didn’t get it right. I’m still proud of the final product, but my intentions are not to make people look like idiots, the idiot is me.

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Are these Pup lyrics?