Purchase Regret

Discuss your purchase regrets, big or small, recent or old.

I have pretty much endless examples because I never learn, but off the top of my head

  • Nutribullet - why would I even think this is something I’d use?
  • Collection of succulents - killed them all within a couple of months.
  • Clothes in a size too small because I was losing weight - don’t even need to explain this one.
  • Necklace worth three months of a weekend job gifts too my sister - got stolen a few weeks later
  • Waist lead for running - dog can’t even walk on lead nicely and I hate running :man_facepalming:

Mrs F bought one of these years ago and the only thing we’ve ever used it for is to make chimichurri.


nutribullets are great :frowning:


Got a Macbook Air a few months ago and went for the lowest spec version to save a couple of hundred quid when they’ve put out an excellent spec new one for the same price now.


Regret almost every takeaway I ever buy. Sure it’s nice but never really worthwhile.


Don’t make smoothies that often now but the nutribullet is also a lot more convenient than my blender if I want to blend something not massive in a hurry - use it to save time on curry pastes, guacamole, salsa, etc.


Time for another reminder that the Nutribullet man is a flat-earth anti-vax weirdo.

Got a nutri-bullet recently as well fwiw

Nearly always. Then about five days later “oooh, I really fancy a…” :man_facepalming:

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The yankee festive candle that I’m pretty sure is responsible for my constant headache. Only another 100 hours to burn!

Bought a Cribs Christmas jumper.

Didnt want it so sent it off to a mate’s mate. 30 quid down the shitter that

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I bought a pair of these headphones and they sound great but no size of ear-tips supplied stay in my ears if I move about much. Some regret.

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A chewy bone thing for the puppy that is literally the only thing in the house that he doesn’t chew.


Ahaha, definitely remember that one :frowning:

3 bed house - I live alone and have no friends.


This this this

Bought a ring light recently to up my selfie game and then realised I hate my face so why would I want to illuminate it?

Also it took me three attempts to put the bloody thing together. And now it stands at the end of my bed, silently mocking me.


Oh mate. I’d be going crazy if I’d got the early 2020 model :frowning:

Aye, bit of a pain, always gonna be the case to an extent when buying tech but this is a particularly egregious example

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I bought a different light bulb so I don’t have purple face on zoom calls. No regrets on that though.