Purchase Regret

Love Edwins, but don’t think I could get a pair of 80s on, all about the nice tapered 55s for me.

did you ever get the Solovair? I’m eyeing up a pair myself. They sound pretty great, but they are expensive. I don’t mind that if they’re going to last ages (Vimes theory!), but it’s still a hard sell to convince myself to spend almost two hundred quid on boots when there are records that I will only play a couple of times giving me the eye…

Bought a pack of 100 cross stitch threads, but they’re such bad quality I can’t use them.

The Huda Beauty Retrograde palette, it’s just a bit crap, none of the colours suit me at all and I’m not clever enough make up wise to do interesting looks.

I also bought a pack of like 15 make up brushes and I use about 2 of them. Such a waste, I feel so guilty!

My Macbook is OK, but if I’m honest I don’t like typing on it anymore. Is that weird? Still has a few years in the old girl but I’m definitely getting a PC next time (and yes I was feeling like this before I got my microchip)