Pure Reason Revolution Reunion June 2019

Awesome band who broke up in 2011 are doing a reunion show next June.

hopefully this will lead to more.


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I remember them being quite good. Couple of great tracks.

That’s Jamie from Twin Sun’s old band, isn’t it? Think i saw them in the Fez club back in 2006, might have enjoyed it, can’t remember, I’d foolishly tried to drink more than i had in ages after glandular fever.


they did the reunion gig last Saturday at Midsummer-Prog-Festival and checkout the Set List.

shit I never saw them live despite being a fan for 14 years, but The Dark Third…damn


Goshen’s Remains
Apprentice of the Universe
The Bright Ambassadors of Morning
Nimos & Tambos
Voices in Winter / In the Realms of the Divine
Bullitts Dominæ
Arrival / The Intention Craft
He Tried to Show Them Magic! / Ambassadors Return

The Twyncyn / Trembling Willows
Deus Ex Machina
Fight Fire

Looks like Paul Mullen of yourcodenameis:milo/Losers/The Automatic/fucking loads of bands was playing guitar, I didn’t recognise the drummer.

I’ve seen some chat about a new record skewing a bit more towards the sound of the first album too.

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Pure Reason Revolunion

It isn’t?! Is it?! I used to listen to PRR.

Yeah, he was in the band for a while. Not the original line up, that’s now reformed though.

Saw them years ago in a long forgotten venue in Bristol. Halfway up Park st. Cant remember the name. Anyway, loved their first ep and album. Only really know of them cos a girl from school married the drummer

Looks like it is just the 2 singers left from the original line up

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