Purity Ring

Hmm. Dunno. And I say this as a massive fan.

Only listened once though.

Trigger warning: lyric video.


Bloody loved Shrines but didn’t like that second record at all. Bit law of diminishing returns for me but having said that I really love this new single and I could listen to Megan James all day.

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Oooh that new single is lush!

Another Eternity wasn’t on the same level as Shrines, but it was still a brilliant record. I reckon their signature sound is such that they could put out something that was a bit wank and I’d give it loads of listens and love it. I find them very comforting.

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Shrines is potentially one of my top 20 records ever. I mentioned on here that for a long time I feel out of love with music. And nothing I heard sounded new, interesting or innovative. I am 42 now, so by the time I was in my mid 30s, a lifetime of music meant I had heard much of the stuff coming out before. It was getting harder to find anything I liked.

Now what is on Shrines may be not 100% original, and this kind of synth, dream pop is all over the place now. But for me when I heard it (probably about 4 years ago), it blew me away. How it combines all these different elements, and sounds amazing. Another Eternity is different. Much more dance floor orientated in parts, but I still love it. Saw them twice in 2015 and I would love to see them again.

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Love both their albums. Will listen soon

I agree, its probably one of my favourite albums of this decade for similar reasons. Also maybe I’m being naive but weren’t they one of the first acts to do that sort of synth pop? The album was clearly a big influence on Chvrches.

I think they were. As I hadn’t heard much like it at all. But I am not as up to speed as I used to be. So I am cautious as someone else could waltz in and say ‘what about X, Y, Z’.

I almost didn’t both listening to Shrines as the description on some sites/reviews put me off with talk of dream-pop and ambient.

announced for a US festival this year

hopefully new music and tour. been ages since they were over here.

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Yes. Saw them twice last time. Definitely want new stuff

Aw fuck I’ve wanted to see these guys for ages, I loved Shrines for years but then kind of forgot about it until I did my AotD list. Another Eternity was also v good even if it did feel a little bit like a less good Shrines.

heh same - very much associate that album with an ex so it’s kind of repressed now unfortunately. had a listen after that there ^ lineup came out though, still really, really great.

If any UK festival comes out with Kaytranada and Purity Ring it’s gonna be a shut up and take my money situation


I like AE as it feels a bit different, more dancey, but Shrines is easily one of my favourites of all time so it’s hard for anything to match it.

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And Shrines has the advantage of being the first time I heard Purity Ring so there was the first month of listening to it just in awe of how lush it sounded

Can’t even remember writing this as it was so long age, so I repeated myself, but I still stand by it.

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New song & album.

Sounds just like CHVRCHES with Holly Herndon producing <3<3<3<3<3

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