Purple Mountains (David Berman)

Like he never went anywhere. Absolutely love it.


he was on this podcast recently


interesting interview though sad hearing him talk about his depression and stuff

As I said on the new releases thread - he’s obviously a brilliant songwriter and the lyrics are amazing. I’ve not listened to mush of his stuff before but I can really hear why people love him.

My problem is with the music. Some of the songs work really well but over all I find the bland mid-paced straight-off-the-shelf Americana of the backing music a little wearing over the time. I’d love to hear him being more adventurous with the music like someone like Jason Molina was.

Loving the album though Berman could release a record of him just strumming open A and I would say it was a work of genius, such is my obsession.

His writing has changed quite significantly imo, much more straightforward and ‘open’ where SJ stuff was a bit more abstract. Of course he still is able to tell a good story in his songs which is nice, and his imagery is also still very potent. Some of the music is a bit anonymous but the lyrics are always what did it for me so I don’t mind.

Never thought we’d get more music from him, and it’s very good. Some of his all time best songs on it


Bring back Stephen Malkamus. He works far better under the thumb of David Berman than on his own.

I believe David Berman has expressed a desire to write SM with lyrics in the past as he didn’t like the lyrics on Jicks albums :laughing:

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He’s doing a Reddit AMA on Monday, which will be worth a read.


Haven’t heard much of Silver Jews but loving the Purple Mountains album.

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Nights That Won’t Happen :broken_heart:


I prefer it to the Silver Jews. Very good album.

Thought the record was brilliant. Cheers.

‘Shes Making Friends, I’m Turning Stranger’, straight fire.

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revealed there’ll be euro dates in Feb/march next year :raised_hands:


v solid album i reckon

On first few listens I thought the second half dropped off but it’s actually just fucking sublime. A really special and well-constructed album that has been properly laboured over. Feel lucky to listen in, and it’s a thrill to think I can spend more time with it.

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This album has really grown on me. Still wish the music was a bit less generic but most of the songs are so strong. The only thing about I still really can’t stand is that mawkish song about his mother - rhyming ‘mother’s son’ and ‘genuine’ is pretty near unforgivable too.

Can’t stop listening to this. So grateful for its existence.

Certainly my favourite album of the year - and maybe the thing I’ve most connected with in a long while. Just so well written, so well sequenced etc. Yep - not an ounce of musical innovation but it truly does feel like a decade of energy, passion, enthusiasm, lyricism, etc to me.

Sometimes albums from artists every few years can feel like checking in with old friends. This feels like a life story from a fascinating new acquaintance.