Put a donk on it

You can put a donk on one thing in life and one thing only. What are you putting a donk on?

what’s a donk please?

Donkey Kong, Donk Country: Tropical Freeze

You know, a donk


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You’re a musician you should really know this shit



anyway I’m none the wiser but I actually like this track

You’ll always be a musician bam, it’s in your heart :heart:


There was a website that let you put a donk on any song. Sadly I think it has been lost to the dark web.

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(what’s a donk please?)

Honky Tonk Woman and call it Donky Tonk Woman

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Had to show Put A Donk On It to her indoors the other week. She’d never heard of Blackout Crew, or Donk culture at all. Unfathomable levels of cultural unawareness.

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Broken Britain :pensive:


I’d put a donk on the current Labour party. If any institution in human history were ever in need of a donk putting on it, it’s Labour right now.


a birds beak