Put Eastenders on

It’s like a video game

Series 2 of Eastenders starts tonight, I’ve heard


Loads of green screening, characters made to look like they’re in the same scene but filmed separately

Feels like GTA

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Did you see on the one show? They’re using loads of seethrough plastic and tricking our eyes

They had to snog a sheet of plastic

never realized i needed this in my life


Here’s something cool I made that is eastenders related

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There was a bit where some lad got arrested and the dialogue sounded really badly dubbed in

Garth Marenghi’s Eastenders

Can’t believe you’ve done the dirty on Corra like this

Saw this really odd performance-poetry thing about a missing episode of EastEnders the other year.

Somebody seemed to have snuck it onto BBC2 without anybody noticing

I liked that a lot!

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Remember when Wellard went on CBB and had that massive beef with Gordon the Gopher.

Look at it now, looks like a film


This has actually turned into Shenmue

Confusing that they’ve decided to involve two different deceased former characters called Paul in different storylines at the same time recently

Not really, quite easy to follow if you’re hardcore…