Put it in my hole

Want to work something around “a fresh lick of taint” but a bit busy at the moment

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You want flex in a shaft, m9.

“what is an expression that differs from a common but innocuous phrase in only one letter, so we can laugh at the rude word?”

something about swinging.

and putting

and bogeys

actually me and the mrs thought we might go to the driving range to take lessons and to be honest i’m hoping we can wear golf outfits because that’s hot and she would look killer in a visor and golf skirt

Think you’d want to check very carefully before going if golfing outfits at the driving range is full kit wanker behaviour or not.

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who cares man. i hate golf. i just like visors

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just spit in your hand pal, easier to clean up

For me, golfing is a bit of a turn off tbh.
Found out someone I fancied liked to play golf at the weekends and it put me off him.

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I barely know 'er!

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Not sure why. Maybe because it’s so boring?
Would love to have a go on a golf cart tho!

Probably because it’s exclusively played by accountants and racists


Struggling to think of anything less erotic than golf tbh.


I made a post about niche German constitutional issues in the politics thread earlier that’s pretty close

As in, have a go at driving one. Don’t want to have sex with a golf cart, obviously

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Well yeah I think I also associate it with the whole business old boys club thing and men who would spend the entire weekend golfing instead of spending time with their families.

why am i not a member of bikewankers :frowning:

I’m golfing this weekend :grinning: :golf:

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Tiger Woods

  • The exception that proves the rule?
  • Not sexy

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The first time I played golf was on Battersea common off the back of a night’s clubbing. Was the first time I smoked crack too.

I used to enjoy getting stoned while playing a round of golf. Not as much fun as getting stoned and doing sexy stuff though.

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