Put-on voices that certain groups of people do


usually accompanied by the sideways head tilt


similar to the newspaper sellers voice - but the market fruit and veg man universal shouty voice


you got what?


That ‘vocal fry’ thing that people have been talking about recently.


is that the american podcast voice?


Yes. That creaky American podcasters voice. Almost like they’re whispering or doing that throat noise that kids used to do.


Ticked off, like told off.




Kind of, but I also agree that a lot of the criticism of it is very gendered.


You’ve never heard of the expression, “they need a good ticking off”?


I’m surprised you haven’t heard of this @japes.

It originated from the Will Smith song Boom Shake Shake Shake The Room which was a pretty big hit


is this what the vocal fry thing is? thought people were talking about nu-metal vocals


round my way for about 20 years loads of people seem to talk like eddie izzard or bill bailey


Like this, from (the excellent) Suburgatory


American podcast and YouTube voices are the blurst


no idea what’s happening but i feel sad and old


I stick on a few total war videos every so often and americans have this ridiculous way of answering questions that no-ones asking, then repeating the response about 3 times as if they’re having a jovial back and forth DOES MY TITS IN.

All males. None of the non-Americans seem to do it (although I do suspect the worst culprit is living in Asia, but has an American accent).


That terrible faux laughing voice that broadcasters adopt when introducing anything that is supposed to be funny.