Put your hands up for Detroit


I love this city




I also love Detroit!

Why do you love it, Tone?


I love this kitty


I can’t right now I’m afraid. Maybe later.


I don’t give a shit about Detroit


J Dilla, Black Milk, Royce da 5’9", Slum Village, probably others


Thought this was a thread about diminishing police-(mainly black)community relations in Detroit


Here are some terrible pictures I took when I was last in Detroit:


I’ve never been


I now care about Detroit.


The power of art


Every day I’m shuffling



  • Deetroit
  • Ditroit
  • Deh-twah

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I think you might like it.

Detroit has a football (as in soccer) team, Detroit City FC, with a very passionate fanbase. They’re currently fighting very hard to resist MLS placing a club in Detroit.


I sometimes call it Motor City because I’m cool and know that’s a nickname for Detroit.


I think I would enjoy to go to Detroit but it’s not something that is currently in the pipeline for me.


Had a lovely 6 hour layover in Detroit airport once

Got silly drunk in the airport bar
Smooched someone
Ate 12 tacos
Somehow found the right gate/ got onto the plane
Fell asleep for the flight into Texas
Woke up with a sore head


That’s very glamorous!


I am very glamorous thank you for noticing anthonyapocalypsenow