Put your headphones on part 2




Fucking hell, imagine not only doing this, but messing up the audio-visual sync




love stuff like this. he did it because he could. he did it so we don’t have to. i would have guessed it would take only a few hours to count to 100,000. boy was i wrong.


Yeah, I would have guessed maybe five hours. Just counted from 99,990 to 100,000 and it took 27 seconds. At that rate it would take me 75 hours to count from 1 to 100,000 so that gives you an upper limit because in practice it would less than that because counting at the start is quicker. So yeah, 40 hours sounds reasonable.


does he not eat or drink anything in that time?


I’m more pissed off about the fact he misses 22,943 at around the 3 hours 34 minutes mark.


Sometimes I finish watching something on tele at about 11:30pm but then automatically start browsing facebook/dis/twitter/guardian website, flicking between them and getting into this weird thing where I want to go to bed but I feel like I need to see more stuff, reply to more comments, reply to replies to my replies, etc. Once I’m finished on facebook I check back on dis, that takes 10 mins and I go round again. This whole thing might last an hour or maybe even until 1:00am, at which point I’ll finally shut down the computer and think “aaaahhh finished, I can go to bed now” and then I feel really depressed and upset with myself that it got that late and I’ve been doing nothing of any value with my time and I feel empty and that my life at that moment has no true value.

It’s strange behaviour for sure but I can’t imagine how it compares to finishing off a 40 hour video and going to bed to sleep fitfully and pointlessly dream of random numbers and imagine what other, happy people are doing with their time.


I think you’d get a real kick out of this one Smee, far more digestible as well.


this is really horrible


These give me a weird wobbly feeling


what does this tick notification mean



Solution :white_check_mark:


Beautiful stats work. Can’t believe THIS isn’t the solution, @Jeremys_Iron


Let’s hope for his sake that nobody ever shows that guy Cookie Clicker.


Thanks Theo.


There isn’t a question posed that requires a solution in this thread.


And yet you have designated a solution.