Put your pronouns in your bio!

Just a suggestion, even if you are cis putting your pronouns in your bio on here or social media etc is really good practice as it normalises it and makes it better for trans, non-binary, or otherwise gender nonconforming folks as they don’t stick out as much for doing it.

Obviously if you are not set on your pronouns there is no pressure to do this, well there’s no pressure on anyone, just - it can be a positive thing.

Fwiw, I’m non-binary and actually prefer no pronouns where linguistically practical, fine with they/them otherwise as I know it can be impossible to construct some sentences pronoun-free.



Done! Thanks for the heads-up FL

(I read the title of this thread to the tune of Let the Bodies Hit the Floor btw)



(And don’t take the piss obviously) x

Where do you put that info on your DiS profile? I can’t see anywhere where it would go.

EDIT: I’ve found the ‘About’ bit. I’ll try there

EDIT 2: That seems to work

Done, and a good suggestion

had this in my work email signature for a while, I’d read a few pieces arguing for the pros and cons of it but in the end felt it was a potentially good thing at no cost to myself so … why not

There are quite a lot of people with private profiles, aren’t there? Could we put them in our username straplines* instead to avoid this?

*not sure if this is the right word for this, but the bit that appears next to your username, like Shiggsy here:


You’ll get a badge if you do that …


those are custom titles and are set by mods

I can’t see how to do it

Avatar top right > :bust_in_silhouette: > Preferences > Profile > About me

This is where I put it


Cheers. Done

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I have a private profile but done anyway :+1:

It’s in ‘preferences’ here:


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